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To the creators, entertainers, rule breakers and change-markers, this is your home, your campus, your place of discovery.

Sitting right on top of Hadrian’s Wall and surrounded by beautiful parkland and rolling green lawns, our Brampton Road Campus is full of history, and buzzing with excitement, creativity and the sense of endless possibility.

Fully dedicated and equipped for everything arts and culture, Brampton Road is home to our Institute of Arts. Located minutes away from the sights and sounds of Carlisle city centre, it’s also a train ride away from the stunning English Lake District, another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Studying here you’ll be part of a community of like-minded creatives exploring, teaching and refining their natural talents. From fine artists, performers, producers, and illustrators to filmmakers, graphic designers, photographers and games designers, whatever your ambition, we’ve got your back. Follow the path of our Graduates and you too can become a Pixar or Disney animator, BBC producer, Conde Nast designer, TV presenter or award-winning artist.

Step into the vibrant world of culture, exploration, challenge, and excitement. This is where your passion becomes your career.

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About Salient

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Manhattan, NY

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